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Together, IB History of the Americas (HotA) and AP US History (APUSH) fulfill the HL History course requirements for the International Baccalaureate Program in 20th Century Global Studies. This course is an accelerated and intensive study of selected 20th Century world history topics that include
  • the causes, practices, and effects of wars;
  • independence movements and the challenges of nation-building;
  • the emergence of the Americas in global affairs;
  • the rise and rule of single-party states;
  • the Cold War.
This course is also designed to provide you with the analytical skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials found throughout the history. Basic historical, economical, geographical, social, and political knowledge and concepts as well as critical thinking and reasoning skills are emphasized. This course will enable you to understand:
  • history as a discipline, including the nature and diversity of its sources, methods and interpretations;
  • the present through critical reflection on the past;
  • one’s own historical identity through the study of the historical experiences of different cultures;
  • the impact of historical developments at national, regional and international levels;
  • the way in which learning is relevant to both the culture in which the student lives, and the culture of other societies.
The focus of this course will be on preparing you to take the I.B. Exam in History in May. The exam consists of:
A. Part One (20%) – Document Analysis.
You will have three topics to choose from. You must choose one topic and answer all questions for that topic. The topics are
  • Peacemaking and Peacekeeping (1918 – 1936)
  • Arab–Israeli Conflict (1945 – 1979)
  • Communism in Crisis (1976 – 1989)
B. Part Two (25%) – Five Topics.
You must select two different topics and answer one question each. The Topics are
  • Causes, Practices, and Effects of War
  • Democratic States: Challenges and Responses
  • Origins and Development of Single Party States
  • Nationalists and Independence Movements post-1945 in Central and Eastern Europe
  • The Cold War
C. Part Three (35%) – Twenty-Four Questions.
  • Answer three out of the twenty-four questions which all deal with the Americas.
  • This is where your APUSH comes in handy.
D. Part Four (20%) – Internal Assessment.
  • 2,000 word paper on a subject of your choice.

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